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Linking two databases

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Hi I need to link two databases via a calculated value or find a work around. One database has auto-entered ID (ENT00xx)  for demography and then an auto-entered id for blood sampled. The number which is important is a calculated value. ENT00XX.1, ENT00xx.2 that is generated using ENT number and then the visit number 1,2,3. The visit number is a field. I have linked the 2 databases via this calculated number however the link is apparently invalid and doesn't work. I can see all the fields from ENT database but when put on layout the calculated value has "?" in it. Other fields from ENT database brings up error that link is invalid. Is it a calculated field problem or have a mucked things up somewhere? I have another database which I have  linked in similar way except it is not a calculated field it is an auto-entered field. It is working. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks T

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