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Forum Basics 101


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This forum is intended to help everyone get the most from FileMaker. To keep it that way, we ask that you follow a few simple rules:
  1. Be nice. Please treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  2. No question is a dumb question. Everyone is at some stage of learning FileMaker and working towards the same goal - acquiring a better knowledge of FileMaker. Please help others reach that goal. Condescending attitudes will be frowned upon. See Rule #1.
  3. For every person that asks a question, there are many silent ones who are afraid to ask. If you know the answer to a question, please feel free to provide an answer, and, if applicable, an example. Not only will the original poster (and silent ones) be grateful, but another user may provide a different example which may help you.
  4. Feel free to provide a little background to your question. In fact we encourage it! By doing so, you may receive a reply from someone who faced the same scenario, or an insight that may make you look at your problem from a different perspective.
  5. Everyone has an opinion. It's okay to disagree. We enjoy a good debate. However, please leave out non-related topics that can lead to flame wars - especially politics and religion. Again, see rule #1.
  6. Everyone makes mistakes. That's what makes us human. If you say something in the heat of the moment or give out inaccurate information, you will be forgiven. But please try to limit the number of mistakes.
  7.  Please... no spam. Period.
  8.  Please ZIP ALL FileMaker File UPLOADS.
  9.  To help us control SPAMMERS...Please use your REAL name & location on your profile.

This was originally posted many years ago and got lost...it must have been really good because it is now on several FileMaker Forums including a very large % of our topics.

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