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Finding number of ID's in a large group of records


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I have a layout with multiple entries of similar data. For example a line of data contains an ID#, a date, and three quantity fields (number of occurances of case A, B and C). I need a count of the number of ID #s in the total population. and a total of the quantities of Fields A, B and C for each ID#. What is the best way to approach this?

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If you only need to see the counts; add a sub summary level to your layout and place a field in your records:

X = Summary ( Count of {ID #s} )

Place the field X in the sub summary portion of the layout and it will display the count of all records in that summary sort


Another approach that I use quite often for complex issues is junk windows.

define a new window, I call them "Junk". I also like to use the Card format with dim background table

Select the Junk window

Do a find on the data in question in as complex a manner as you need

Close Window (Junk)

collect the found record count value or value needed ($Count) and return it as the parameter in the Exit Script ($Count)


May not be two graceful but it works and it is solid. Also leaves you original find and sort in tack.

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