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Chart for growth by product line, by Customer


I am have been asked to show a chart that shows growth for a customer record by product line.


I cannot get my head around how I can do this.


Customer -> Accounts -> Invoices -> Lines -> Products



At present I have a chart that you can filter the date range, and select products

Customer -> Accounts (GlobalStartDate, GlobalEndDate) -> Invoices (GlobalProductID) -> Lines -> Products


This has the normal relationships using unique IDs as well as the above extras(), and works well. with the global fields on the layout based on the Customer, with the charts based on "Lines" displayed, sorted by Product.



I would like to have an EndDate selected, then a calculated StartDate (for a total 12 months), then the previous year calculated to work out growth. This I can do.


I cannot work out how I can get the chart to show 2017 - 2016, sorted by product to have the difference (growth).


I tried it as a calc with a second relationship line for the previous year, but as expected it deducted the whole previous year not the individual product.




Any assistance is appreciated.

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