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I have a link in a site that triggers a script in filemaker via the FMP url protocol below. It works great but how do i use the "&param=" and send more than one parameter that is needed. Like say RecID, company name, etc.? Right now u put those after the equal sign in param and separate them via the pip character like in the url below but i want something thats will be better with less of an issue down the road.


FMP://|ABC Widgets R US


If theres a way to do so or if it can be done passing it to json format thats fine too then i can leverage the FM16 JSON functions that the url calls

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If you substitute the pipes with %0A like this: FMP:// C Widgets R US, then you can easily use GetValue(Get(ScriptParameter);1) to get the first parameter, GetValue(Get(ScriptParameter);2) for the second, and so on.

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