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Hi everyone.

It’s good to be back. I haven’t been here for so long, my old account didn’t work anymore ;-)


I have a sorting problem I just can’t find the solution to.


I created a report in list view to track puch time. It display in subsummary a projectID and a workerId.

my problem is when I do a perform find to omit the punchOut time. It also remove all projects that have no punch yet and I need to see them (to punch in).

In details.


Client table with :


status : “Production” is the sortind field for the projects


Punch table with :



punchIn (time field)

punchOut (time field)


Project and Punch tbl have the projectId as relationship


Now I created a report starting from the Punch table

subSummary with Client : projectId

subSummary with workerId


I sort it with Client : projectId & workerId


so far all goes well, all the projects shows and the workers with their punchIn and out are displayed.


I need to remove all the empty punchOut from that list

if I use a perform find status = “Production” and omit punchOut [*]

it works for the sort but it also remove my Project with no entry in the punch table.


I feel like I should make the sort in the relashionship but nothing works.

Any help would be approciated. Thank you

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