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Maarten Witberg

Lost ODBC connection: error locks up app

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Maarten Witberg


- FM 15 on a macbook pro, latest OS.

- local file

- ESS connection to MS SQL Server 2008/R2 on windows 8.1.

- Actualtech ODBC driver on the mac.

- LAN connection over the ethernet



What happens if the connection is lost? (I.E. I shut down the windows computer hosting the MS SQL server without closing the FM app on the mac first)


Error 1413 is what happens. That's fine (Failed communication link). But what is not, is that the app is essentially locked down after that. I find there is no way out but a forced quit. You can't quit, navigate to other layout, open database management, but you can open the script manager and edit and write scripts.

Error handling in a script works insofar as you can get it to display a dialog but moving out of the layout etc is ignored and no other errors are returned.

Even if the connection is reestablished, the error stays.


I found only 1 reference to this exact problem from 2012 on the forums without a solution or an acknowlegdement by FMI that something's not right.

So either I am missing a very obvious thing or this is a very arcane issue that nobody ever encounters.


Any insights?




p.s. fwiw and unsurprisingly, Get ( LastExternalErrorDetail ) returns an empty string.

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