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From Chrome I copy and paste my Students work into TextWrangler files.

I then transfer the files into Filemaker PRO 13

HOWEVER as the files come from various parts of this world, the encodings are all different although the text i read in Chrome is in English

Is there an Applescript, and or any other system, which will return a unique encoding for all files? Possibly UTF8 or UTF16?

It seems as if FILEMAKER reads Carriage Returns, Linefeeds and even spaces in different ways according to the encodings, therefore my scripts (based on text mainly) only work for certain records and not for all.

Also even parts of the TEXT CONTENT comes out properly as often is a plain block of text without any CR and it becomes impossible to define the position of various words to script what I need to sctipr.

How can I make all the various text files readable the same way while FILEMAKER imports them?


ANY help will be highly appreciated



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TextWrangler is AppleScriptable and can save whatever file you tell it to open in a specified file format / text encoding. That should allow you to convert all text files to whatever standard you want to work with.

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Thanks for your reply

This is exactly what I do however the results seem to be the ones I quote im my post

I even sent myself some forms tryng to reproduce the error, I don't have any problems if I paste into the CHrome forms files originated from Macintosh systems, and saved in TextWrangler as UTF8.

The problem as I understand it comes from Filemaker ways to import

If I ecport the files I have back into TextWrangler from FMP13, several files have this strucutre:

Anycharacter, a red inverted question mark, then other characters ...

This makes it impossible for my script to decode the students ID for example as it seems to count the inverted questionmarks and not just the standard chars.

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Perhaps you can make use of


GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "thewebviewer"; "content" )


where "thewebviewer" is the object name of a webviewer the URL of which points to a particular student's work. The function should return a lot of HTML text which you might be able to reduce within FIlemaker to the actual content by substituting all the html tags with "". and so on.

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