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I have a filemaker 15 solution that is organising entrants to a talent competition (3000 + competitors)


Filemaker takes in the entrants information and the event that are competing in (400 + categories)


Filemaker then assigns time slots and dates to each entrant.


We notify the entrant of their competition date and time slot to be on stage by email.


I have a script complete that takes the information for each individual entrant and and generates an entry card (that they must bring with them on the day and time) and it creates a PDF of the entry card. The email script generates an email custom to each entrant with plain text in the email saying


"Hi John


Your Entry Date and time "




It also attaches the PDF entry card that must be printed for entry to the event.


The script runs in blocks of categories .


So the admin runs script find category 23 find all entrants and start record one generate entry card PDF and create custom email text and attach PDF. send email and move to next record in the found set. to complete end script on last record.


Email is using the company email SMTP server on a cloud based email services


company domain SMTP server servings - outgoing mail server - username info@ etc - password


The hosting company allow up to 1000 email scripts per day to run from the domain hosting account.


So I have advised the admin not to send out more than 800 emails per day.


All WAS working fine for the first day of notification emails (sent about 400)


But now we have an issue of multi bounce back mail failures.


GMAIL rejecting email



-----Original Message-----

From: Mail Delivery System [mailto:Mailer-Daemon@mailscan-b137.hi.local]

Sent: Wednesday 18 January 2017 11:33

To: info@

Subject: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender


This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.


A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its

recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:



host gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com []

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:

552-5.7.0 This message was blocked because its content presents a


552-5.7.0 security issue. Please visit

552-5.7.0 https://support.google.com/mail/?p=BlockedMessage to review


552 5.7.0 message content and attachment content guidelines.

82si14832443wmo.19 - gsmtp




has anyone any idea of a way to insure the emails are not getting this bounce back notification of mail failure


I am not sure if I should be looking at mail 360 plugin or what is the best way to address this issue.


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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You need to contact your provider about this. You can't do anything from within Filemaker about this. The mail server must be trusted by google and others. In the past I've seen somebody perform this magic but nowadays I steer people who ask for this towards Mailchimp or some such service and online forms for two-way traffic.




552-5.7.0 This message was blocked because its content presents a

potential security issue. Please visit https://support.google.com/mail/?p=BlockedMessage to review

our message content and attachment content guidelines.

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I seem to have solved this issue to stop the blocking of the emails on Gmail recipients accounts.


REMEMBER I only want to send around 600 email (per day) in blocks of 140 and some are as small as 40 (adding up to around 600 per day).


I added a TXT record to the email hosting account that was in the following format


called an SPF TXT record


v=spf1 exists:%{i}.mta.spf.extendcp.co.uk exists:%{i}.web.spf.extendcp.co.uk -all



The hosting company was Heart Internet and their mail server base is extendcp.co.uk


This seems to work and we haven't received any mail delivery failures since adding this to the domain DNS settings.


Just wanted to give a brief overview of what seemed the solution to anyone that was following this issue.





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