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Happy Holidays & a FREE Gift From High-Voltage: Code-X the Complete FileMaker Solutio


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High-Voltage and FMT have teamed up to deliver a very special Christmas Gift to the FileMaker Developer Community. Beginning Tuesday Dec. 13, 2016 until Dec, 2016 we are offering Code-X the Ultimate FileMaker Solution Protection Tool free of charge exclusively for FMT members and social media followers. Code-X normally sells it for AU$450 (which is around US $350), but we’ll be giving it away for free. Stay tuned for for more information on the Code-X Product Giveaway!

[h=4]Here’s what developers can do with Code-X:[/h] • generate and issue paying customers with registration codes to unlock demo solutions

• add 30 day trials so that the solution expires if not registered

• restrict features so that unregistered users cannot access them

• restrict the number of users that can access their solution based on a license code

• add nag screens for unregistered users to prompt them to register

• lock a solution to a device so it cannot be pirated onto other computers



Use Code-X to offer different levels of licensing. You can issue different registration codes for each license level. Today a customer may purchase a standard license from you which allows them access to one area - next month they may upgrade their license and access the entire solution.

Use Code-X to restrict and upgrade the number of users that can access your solution. Initially a customer may license your solution for 5 users and next month upgrade their license to 15 users.


Code-X comes with Code Generator, a FileMaker database you can use to keep tack of registration codes. Code Generator is open source so you're free to modify it as you see fit. The Tool is relatively easy to implement and can be up and running within minutes. We even offer our services and can build it for you if you would like to delegate your work load.


[h=5]Custom Functions and Scripts ... Not a Plug-in[/h] Code-X is not a plugin. It’s a series of FileMaker scripts and custom functions, making Code-X very easy to implement and modify to suit your needs.

[h=5]Full Access to Code-X[/h] You as the developer have full access to the Code-X scripts and custom functions and you are free to make changes to Code-X however you see fit. If Code-X doesn't quite meet your needs, no problem, you can customise it yourself. You are in control.

[h=5]Visit the Hi Voltage Website now...[/h]

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