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Locked out of DB - only need to recover structure not data


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What kind of FileMaker file: .fmp12, .fp7, .fp5, something else?


How did you lock yourself out? Can you describe the sequence of events leading to you being unable to get in?


Is it your own design? Did you at any point run the developer tool on it and completely remove full access privileges?

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It is an .fmp12 file of my own design. I last worked on the file two years ago and just don't recall what my username and password were. (I don't know why none of my standard combinations work.) I no longer develop for this customer but want to reuse some of what I've done.

I haven't removed the full access privileges.

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** AHunter3 feels his age as he tries to contemplate how anyone could describe a solution written in .fmp12 format as an "old" one **


Maybe the customer can send you an unlocked clone of the file.


Assuming that the developer password was provided to the customer. That isn't always the case. Lots of developers intend to remain the one and only developer; they sell the solution to the customer but all structural changes are reserved for the original developer to make (and charge money for). Don't know how slytle approaches this matter.

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