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Hi all,


First, thank you for maintaining a forum. I have only just started to go through the wealth of information.


Second, moderators, the Register page is broken. Using a Mac, I was receiving PHP errors using Safari and Chrome. I couldnt even click on the tick box at the bottom to move forward. I had to open up Parallels and Windows 10 to Register. Still receiving the layout issues, but I could at least tab through the fields.


OK, now for the main question. I am fairly new to Filemaker. I don't have coding knowledge but needed something to assist me at my job with the company I am working for. I need a data entry system with Checklist and Reporting.


So far I have the data entry page which almost works. Basically, I have 4 Portals, each referencing the other in a way. Portals being Job, Location, Device, and Cable. When selecting a job, all other fields should be cleared until I select the next down the line, being Location. Location disappears as expected, Device sort of disappears but it remains selected in the background (When clicking Job and then Location, the previously selected device comes up as shown by a black Select icon). But Devices never disappear.


Can someone please have a look at this file?


If someone can see a use of a referencing system like this, I am happy to share. This is for personal use to increase my efficiency.




Project ITP.zip

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One more thing moderators. The forum seems to be riddled with PHP errors. When attaching file, I couldnt attach by drag and dropping. Then when I cancelled and went back in to the Attach page, it was attached. Then when I submitted my post I received a whole page of PHP errors, though it posted OK.

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Hi Mike...Thanks for taking the time to point this out. Turns out that an update went bad and caused all kinds of havoc here. Rolled back and all is fine now! Thank god for back-ups and roll backs! FYI...more than likely the reason no one has responded to your question yet!

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As opposed to some others, I am not too good at looking at someone else's relationship diagram and trying to make a quick diagnosis. But it appears to me that for you to have have 4 cascading portals where the selection in the first dictates the choices in the 2nd and so on that you would need at least a 4-deep relationship -- which I don't see in your relationship diagram.


I think you need the following to be setup:


Job Location Device Cable


and setup your cascading portals with these table occurrences.

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