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Way to sort (or rearrange) numbers in a field


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I have a field with a 4 digit number from 0000 to 9999. What I need is a way for FMP to rearrange the digits in the field so the are in order. Or another field using a calculation is fine. So for example, if I have 4231, it would rearrange them to 1234. 3421 would also be 1234.

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Do you have FileMaker Advanced at your disposal, or only FileMaker Pro?


If you have FileMaker Advanced you can paste in a custom function. Brian Dunning's custom function site has a good bubblesort that sorts values, and you can break up your four digit number into four values and then bubblesort the results.




SortArray Merge


Let (fourvalues = middle (YourField; 1; 1) & "¶" & middle (YourField; 2; 1) & "¶" & middle (YourField; 3; 1) & "¶" & middle (YourField; 4; 1); Substitute (SortArray (fourvalues; "Des"; "Number"); "¶"; "") )



That formula will


• take your 4 digit number and break it into four hard-return-delimited values;

• sort them numerically in descending order;

• then recombine them into a new 4 digit character string



do it as a calculation field, result type "text" so as to preserve leading zeros.

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