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Question: Is there any way to create a sorted result in this situation?


I want to create a report with names listed in alphabetical order in sentence form rather than the list form that a portal produces (so far as I know). After some investigation I found that GetNthRecord will create a calculated field that has what I want when I use the following structure:


GetNthRecord ( Students::Display Student Name;1) &

If (EvaluationError( GetNthRecord ( Students::Last Name;2));""; "; " & GetNthRecord ( Students::Display Student Name; 2)) &

If (EvaluationError( GetNthRecord ( Students::Last Name;3));""; "; " & GetNthRecord ( Students::Display Student Name; 3)) &

If (EvaluationError( GetNthRecord ( Students::Last Name;4));""; "; " & GetNthRecord ( Students::Display Student Name; 4))


It works very nicely to produce the following field contents:

Rikki Moore; Adam Naar; Albert Parker; Marko Durica


What this approach does not do is sort the names in alphabetical order as would be desirable, even if the source table is sorted that way. I believe what's happening is that FM is pulling the records essentially in entry order.

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The easiest way is to create the relationship, sort it as desired, and create a calculation field:


~list = List(Students::Display Student Name);
Substitute(~list; "¶"; "; ")

Note that it is the relationship that must be sorted, not the source table.

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This approach is far more elegant. Thanks.


I'd never used sorting a relationship before either. Quite splendid.

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