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Crashes on sort

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Recently I've been experiencing program crashes in Windows 10 environment, and it seems to happen when beginning a sort. Suspecting file corruption, I tried a file recovery but the same thing happened. This has occurred with different databases. Would a reinstallation be warranted, or should I look for some other cause?

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Be analytical!


• Create a brand new file. Transfer (copy, import, or define-from-scratch) the tables containing the records you're trying to sort, especially including the fields you're sorting on. Transfer the data from the crashing version (export-then-import, or import directly). Sort it. Does it crash?


• Move your database to another Windows 10 computer. Colleague, friend, or volunteer from this msg board. Does your original database crash for them?


• Create a brand new Windows account on your computer. Put your database (or a copy of it) where that account can get to it. Still crashes when logged in as that user?


• Move your database to a Mac or a Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer. Preferably all of those things. Test. Crashes regardless of OS and/or version?


• Go to several other tables and do sorts. Do sorts in general crash, or just this one?




Reciprocally, have someone convert the file to modern FileMaker 12-13-14-15 format and try it under Windows 10. Crashy?

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