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new to FM - look up help!


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Hi All,


I'm new to FM and need help with lookups.

I can do this all day in Excel, but FM? not so much...


I'm creating a basic FM database on energy usage and savings.

For example, I have one table called "Equipment". I have another table called "Measures". A "measure" is made up of an existing piece of equipment and a proposed piece of a equipment.


TblEquipment contains fields like: watts, kilowatts, name, model #, etc.

TblMeasures contains fields like: quantity, existing watts, proposed watts, watts saved, kilowatts saved, etc.


TblEquipment has records with values for the fields mentioned above.

TblMeasure is where I'm getting stuck.


Basically, I just want to have a layout that will allow me to build a measure (i.e. enter an existing piece of equipment and a proposed piece of equipment). In the measure layout, I select an existing piece of equipment from a drop-down using Equipment::equipment_name. I would then like the "existing watts" field to populate with the associated watts.


I can't figure this out at all.


Please help? Thanks all!

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How are your relationships set up?

You most likely need a join table...called BuildMeasurement, related like a basic invoice solution:




BuildMeasurement is your line items table and can be a portal on TblEquipment. There you would use lookups or auto enter calculations to add the lineitems thru the relationship


Edit: Take a look at the Invoice starter solution, and look at how they use look ups and calculations from the Products table

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