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Hello All,


I'm trying to calculate defects recorded in a portal. I have a product testing layout that includes a portal that records defects such as severity cracking (none, minor, moderate, severe) and bruising (none, minor, moderate, severe) by sample number. I used a portal because the number of samples can vary, depending on the testing. Is there an easy way calculate the number of samples that have no cracking, the number that have minor cracking, the number that have moderate cracking and the number that have severe cracking?


I'm sure that there is but the answer is escaping me near the end of a long day :)

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Create a new TO of your Defects table and relate it to a global DefectType field in your main table.


Products::DefectType----- = -----NewDefectsTO::defect


Create a script that sets DefectType to the value you want to count, and then sets a field in your main table to Count(NewDefectsTO::defect). Then set DefectType to the next category and repeat as necessary.


Since this is a many-to-many relationship, you really need to have a join table between Products and Defects in which each record is one defect in one product.

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