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I am trying to find a relationship type that will solve the problem I am having as below. any help will be appreciated.


I have three tables.





On a layout based on the Inventory table a field (drop down list) displays a value list

from entries from a field in the Condition table and there is a relationship between

the Inventory and Condition table where a field from the Inventory table relates to a

matching field in the Condition table. (The purpose of the relationship is to display a

value list of descriptions from the Condition table to a drop down list field on the

Inventory table layout. This all works well and no assistance is required for this

aspect. However, I have a problem with the Values table as follows:


The Values table is related to the Inventory table via each tables ID field.

I wish to display the same (Condition table) value list data that exists in the Inventory layout. (for reasons which i can explain further if required) To achieve this I have a portal on the Inventory layout referencing data from the Values table.The portal references the Values table and the portal text field is named ‘value'. (Values::value)


Problem Description

The problem is that the value list (data from the Condition table) I am trying to call to the portal text field displays but contains empty values. (there is a list but it is empty).I think I need to create a new relationship between the Value table and the Condition table in addition to the existing Inventory table to Value table relationship that already exists as above.


Any help for how to do this (have a value list based on data from the Condition table display in the portal text field) or what type of relationship would be suitable will be


Many thanks, Tony

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I'm having trouble understanding your data model.


Surely, each item in Inventory has one and only one value, so Value should be a field in Inventory, not a separate table. If that is the case, then the Condition table need not be related at all, because it only serves as the source of a value list to set another field in Inventory.


If I am incorrect, then please provide a more concrete example of the items in each table and their relationships.

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Thanks for replying.


The reason for the Values table is so that a scrolling check box list can be created on the Inventory layout via the portal mentioned.


As you probably know a check box list cannot scroll by design and I needed a user to be able to select multiple items from the drop down list of Conditions. As the ultimate use is iPad I cannot rely on a user holding down a key to allow multiple selections from the Conditions drop down list on the Inventory layout so I am exploring a scrolling check box solution where the Values portal should display the Conditions list


I hope this makes sense.

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