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Filtering Data from one field from multiple portal records using the LIST function


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I followed the instructions in the following link placing it on a button in a portal.




On the records I have a field with a value of "ACTIVE" or "INACTIVE"


ACTIVE RECORDS are in one filtered portal where this LIST function button resides and INACTIVE RECORDS go to another filtered portal.


When I initiate the script I am getting the correct field data into the COMBINE field... however it is also listing INACTIVE records in the other portal. Is there a way I can filter the result down to only displaying ACTIVE records when the text gets pasted into the COMBINE field?

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List() works on the relationship level, while a portal filter works on the layout level.


Since you are already employing a script, you could have it loop through the portal rows and compile the required values; e.g.


Go to Object [ "objectNameOfActivePortal" ]

Go to Portal Row [ first ]


..Set Variable [ $compiler ; List ( $compiler ; PortalTO::yourField ) ]

..Go to Portal Row [ next ; exit after last ]

End Loop

# [do something with $compiler, e.g. Set Field[] ]


Another idea would be to use ExecuteSQL() along the lines of


ExecuteSQL (


SELECT whatEverField

FROM thePortalTable

WHERE activeField = ?

" ; "" ; "" ; "ACTIVE"



As an aside: I recommend simply using an “active?” field of type number into which you write a 1 or a 0.


These values can be much easier parsed in calculations and scripts because they represent True and False, respectively. You can then e.g. put this on the layout as a checkbox with a value list of just 1, and use a label to clarify what the field means.


PS: That Help document is rather ancient and hasn't been updated to employ modern features, e.g. $variables; contrary to what it suggests, don't use Copy & Paste if you can possibly avoid it. C&P requires the presence of the involved fields on the layout, overwrites possibly more important data in your (or a user's) clipboard, and (not that critical) it is slower than alternate methods.

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