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help with simple db...


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computers come in and i enter their info into a file.

right now the only thing unique in the files are auto assigned/auto incremented (by 1) record numbers.


i have another file with records of people (individuals).

again the records are auto number.


it's easy enough to match the record number fields of the two files to get a view of who has which computer or vice versa (which is also important -using a search).


my problem is this: some people have more than one computer.


how do solve this?

i want the db to operate as it does now, i.e., i can find computers or i can find people (don't ask me -all i know is it works now and i want to add the capability of more than one computer as a possibility per person.



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You need to create a "Relationship" between the two files.


That way, you can display the information of the Person file that is appropriate for each records of the Computer file, inside the Computer file. You can even change the Person's file info without leaving the Computer file.


Look at the Relationship section of your help file or email for more instructions.

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