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Hi everyone :)


I would appreciate the help!


I want to build a solution for a medical warehouse and the database will contain thousands of records of different materials (consumables) :


I start building the solution but I faced a problem with nested value lists:

I will have 5-6 tables in a file to describe these materials:


1. Category (many items)

2. Class (to be nested to Categories) e.g. many classes belong to one category.

3. Type

4. Size



Every table of the above belongs to the table above


I want to have a table where once I choose a category only the related classes pop up in the class field and the same with once I choose a class the related types popup in the type field etc.



Thank you in advance.


Please consider attaching a file as a demonstration to your kind explanation and support.


Thank you in advance.



Mushabab Al-Murayeh, MD

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Search this forum for "Conditional Value List" as there are several good step-by-step tutorials on how to make this work. One of the best descriptions is by Al Hunter (username "AHunter3").


And, Please post your request only once - we will find it :-). I ran across at least one other identical (or near identical) post that you made on this same topic. Posting the same question in different sub-forums is NOT necessary.


Look at post #12 in this thread:



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