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Hi all,


I've got a database I'm using for doing marine biology surveys. The part I'm currently making is used to describe what's found in a set area on the bottom (quadrat) based on percentage ground cover.


It's a hierarchy where I have at the top level SurveyID (quadrat), next level AssessmentID (individual data point or thing that is covering the ground, eg. rock, sand, sponge etc). Each Record is a unique AssessmentID. There are multiple quadrats within a larger survey, but I don't think that matters here? I'm doing percentage cover of an area, so need to ensure that people don't go over 100 percent within the quadrat (SurveyID). That's where I've run into problems. I need to script it so that within the bounds of where SurveyID is the same as the current Record, if you enter a value that causes the percentage cover to go over 100, it creates a custom dialogue that warns the user.


Previously I had it so that each AssessmentID/Record was the whole quadrat, and had multiple fields for things that can make up ground cover, and scripted it so that the cover couldn't go over 100. That was simple because it was all on the same Record, but having multiple fields for the same things on the same record was going to create more troubles down the line, so I've done it the way I describe above.


I have a portal on the page showing the records as they're added, which helps me at least visually see the numbers as they come, and alter them if need be, but sometimes you've got a large list of things within the quadrat and I don't want users to have to do the maths in their head if it can be avoided.


If anyone can offer suggestions how to effectively script it so that the program effectively vets records with the same SurveyID as the current Record, that would be much appreciated.



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You do NOT need to force anything to fit


Place the records in a portal and use a SUMMARY field to total the coverage. If you put the Summary (total field) in the portal it will read the same value in each portal record, or you can alternatively place the Summary field outside of (but usually near) the portal.


It doesn't matter how many records you include since the total coverage (114.2 or 4197 or 3.9 or ???) equals 100%. Each one of the records that makes up the whole uses the 100% total amount in order to calculate each record's contribution toward that 100% amount.

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