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My end users are on web direct, and I have custom navigation.


I have a series of scripted buttons to find customers starting with "a", "123" etc passing in different parameters into the script.


I also have a script for a custom search which enters into find mode and waits for the criteria to be entered and then the search is continued.


I have been presented with a search criteria which I am not too sure how to easily do.

Do a custom search which by default is "include"


I then want to add additional Omit rows for data to exclude.


Can I add a row through a script that is left blank as an "omit" row, or am I better off having a button for after the search to then omit the data?


I have a button that

Enters find mode, Pause


Then another only visible in find mode

Set user ID so only related records are shown

Perform find


Whilst in pause, I would like to have a custom message

"Do you want to Exclude or Include additional data?


Then add lines that omit or include...


Any ideas?

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