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Hello All,


I am still very new with FMP and am hoping someone can offer some advice. What I am looking to do is to create a conditional value list with a container field where I store photos. When I select Site AA from my default_tbl I would like to be able to have the AA Site Map photo show up. When I select site B I would like the BB Site Map photo and so on.


Not sure the best way to store my photos. Should I store the photos separately in different container fields (I have about 20 photos) or should I use a portal?


How to I then go about relating these two tables? The container field is a greyed out option in my relationship graph.



Thanks for the help!



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First off, you can't include a container field in any value list, period. (At least not without some kind of plug-in; it isn't natively supported).


You can, however, display a related container field AFTER selecting a value from a drop-down list that essentially selects which image should show.



Does that address your concerns or does it tell you that you can't do what you're trying to do?




If you do indeed wish to be able to select a value and then have the appropriate container field show up, ...



a) Your container fields should be in a different table, one container per record, and you need a second field — I suggest an auto-enter serial number field, guaranteed unique for each record; you may also wish to use a Description field or plain-English name field of some sort.


b) Your value list will consist of all values of the serial number field and you can display a second field, which will be the desciption or Plain-English name. (not the container field itself though)


c) What you attach the value list to is a number field in your local table; and what your relationship liniks is that number field to the auto-enter serial number field in the container-field table



d) you don't need a portal; just put the related field ContainerFieldTable::ContainerField on your layout. When an appropriate serial number value is selected in the local record from the dropdown value list, the image appears there.

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