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What is the Actve Tab


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I am trying to hide/show text based on what tab is active. I am trying to use Get(ActiveLayoutObjectNane) to determine this, but I am missing some thing. I named the individual tabs in the Inspactor Name field. But the Get function doesn't read the names. However, the LayoutObjectNames function does show the individual tab names in the list that it returns. I am at a loss. Please help straighten me out. Thanks so much!

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Tabs are not necessarily the active object on the layout even if they are the frontmost tab. For example, the active object may very well be a field on the tab that has been clicked into.


The function you need to use to find the front tab is GetLayoutObjectAttribute(""; "isFrontTabPanel")


This will return 1 if the tab is the frontmost tab. Insert the function into the "Hide object when" field in the Inspector for your desired hidden object.

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