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Sub summary creating it's own height randomly in the report for each date


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When i click on the all units split with units button in the scene details layout it seems to randomly make different heights for the date sub summary. It has the same information for each date so it is not like it has different information each time. Sometimes it fills a third of the page as grey, sometimes the correct height and other times say half page is grey. when it only has one sub summary and I remove the other sub summary for units it then doesn't do this (seen in the all units button). do I need to change the layout, or is it something int eh script i need to put. I am a real novice so am just learning and this script was written for me, I just build the layouts for it.


Any help is much appreciated as it is driving me nuts trying different things and nothing happening to change the problem. thanks

Crowd Breakdown Template backup.fmp12 3.zip

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I have your database open to the scene details layout and I do not see an "all units split with units button", guessing that you meant to write "Crowd Report - with split units" button ?


That button performs your script "Crowd Report 2"


Page 1 is boring and uninformative, with only one body record showing; page 2 looks like this:






I went into layout mode and I see that on the Inspector ==> Position tab ==> Sliding & Visibility, you have elements set to slide up based on all objects above and to also resize the enclosing part.



So of course*it is going to make different heights for the data sub summary if the data in the record varies in its height, as it does for the record containing Bus Driver and Bus Passengers etc compared to the one that just has Baby Peter.



Not sure what you mean by "It has the same information for each date", as it clearly does NOT.


I did find it odd that the first page contained only the single record. Seemed like the first rec on page 2, which was also EXT Kensington Gardens / Baby Peter ought to fit below that comfortably (see below). So I went back into layout mode and found that, in contrast to all your other layout parts, your layout part Subsummary when sorted by Unit does not contain any field or graphic elements that are set to slide up based on all objects above / reduce enclosing part. When I changed that — assigning that sliding characteristic to the Unit and XUnique fields — the first page no longer has a large empty space below it.


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