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New to filemaker and I have an issue that I cannot resolve.


Trying to use set field to set the value of one field to the value of another field. Both of the fields are number fields.


My syntax is correct, but nothing happens when I run the script (I put the target field first, followed by a semicolon and then source field).


I noticed that when I enter the calculation (which, in this case, is the name of the source field) the calculation window says "calculation result must be text". This could be the problem, but as i stated earlier both fields in my set field are numeric fields.


Please help.. thanks.



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Can you show some screen shots of the script and the part where you get the error.

You should not be typing a semi colon. You should be picking the field you want to set, and the field you want to use.

Maybe this might help.


Set Variable [$a; Value:Table::field] //field you want the value from

Set Field[Table::otherfield; $a]//field you want the value to go into


You should check the 'Specify' boxes and enter the info there, one for specify field, and one for calculated result.


My guess is you're trying to type it all into either the specify calculation box, or the target field box.

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