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I've noticed that FileMaker is peculiar in its treatment of the OS clipboard.


• Sometimes I have copied something to the clipboard and gone to paste it into FileMaker and what pastes is something copied previously; and yet I switch focus to a text editor (TextWrangler usually) and paste and it more properly and correctly pastes the more recently copied item. I have no idea where the heck FileMaker is looking that enables it to referenced some previously copied item. This hasn't happened recently enough that I can provide addl information but it may be a clue to the next one, for which I can:


• FileMaker dependably rejects items copied to the clipboard from some specific environments — PowerPC apps running in Rosetta, most annoyingly the email application Eudora, but I just tried with another PPC app, BBEditLite, and it is definitely and reproducibly a Rosetta issue. Copy char string from Eudora or BBEdit, switch to FileMaker, attempt to paste, nothing pastes, no error or reject warning just behaving as if there's nothing present on the clipboard. Plain text field, formatted as an Edit Box, Find Mode. It's not an OS-level clipboard problem: I switch to Intel-native TextWrangler, and paste, and there's the text string as originally copied. Select it in TextWrangler and RE-copy it and switch back to FileMaker and paste and there it is, now accepted, same damn text string, which was clearly in the clipboard on the previous attempt insofar as it pasted just fine in TextWrangler.





Is FileMaker somehow "converting" clipboard content on-the-fly at application-switch and therefore perhaps doing so at times other than "just in time" exactly at the moment of intended paste, and then doing the actual paste from its secret hidden proprietary clipboard or something?


I know FileMaker supports pasting of things that may lie beyond the plethora of natively-supported OS-level clipboardable content —*script steps, scripts in their entirety, fields qua fields, layout objects with button-attachments and tooltips and theme-stylings and whatnot.



Anyway, in my book it qualifies as "strange behavior" of the buggy variety.

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I know there is a FM clipboard, if you want to call it that. And then the OS clipboard. I've seen some strangeness with that at times. Can't say I've figured a way around that yet.

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Don't know, but a few things to play around with / a few other perspectives:


Something to try when normal text copying-pasting isn't working or to see what happens with this – from Wikipedia:


Also available as a secondary, text-only clipboard, is an emacs-style kill-ring (a stack of text strings). This works in all applications that use standard Cocoa text boxes:


  • Ctrl-K to kill from cursor to end-of-line.
  • Ctrl-Y to yank from kill-ring to cursor.

Using the following commands the clipboard can be accessed from the command line:[1] [2]

to copy data into the clipboard:

echo 'hello world' | pbcopy


to paste from the clipboard:







Other pasting problems for possible further context:




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