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Fixing the x-axis to not look so cluttered

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I'm creating a print layout on the Mac. This print layout has exactly one item on it: a line chart.


I have 10,011 lines of data spanning the date range 1/1/2011 - 7/1/2015. What I've done is created a summary field which counts the total number of records in each month/year and plots that count. Everything is spiffy except the x-axis is a clustered mess. Here it is in its glory.


Raw pic.pdf



I've followed the tutorials on Bluefeather (http://bluefeathergroup.com/blog/fixed-number-of-x-axis-labels-in-a-chart-for-any-number-of-records/) and http://www.filemakerprogurus.com/filemaker-charts-limiting-x-axis-values/ and what I get is only the last month to appear (7/1/2015).


Any thoughts on how to make the x-axis tick marks look more appealing?

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