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I created a simple database for my wife a few months ago, and now months later she tells me that the sorting by date in the subsummary sales report is not working as it should. I'm a little rusty on FM (after only ever being a beginner in the first place) so forgive me if this is a really stupid question, but it's beating me so far.


I have a detailed sales report, which lists sales totals by date (month, week, or day according to user preference), and then sorts all records within that date by the product name. So for the month of August, she sees a summary field showing total august sales, then below that, individual subsummarys sorted by product name, each with their own summary total.


The problem is that in order to get the date into the text in the summary bar, I've had to create it as a calculation with a text result. So the months are then listed in alphabetical order instead of date order. If I set the calculation result as a date format, then the sorting by month works just fine, but the text in the header reads "Month ?" where "?" is the August '15 date.


Can anyone tell me how to go about fixing this? I would have thought there would be a straightforward way to display a date as a text string, but I must be misunderstanding something.

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Please explain what you mean by this: "in order to get the date into the text in the summary bar, I've had to create it as a calculation with a text result."


Every individual word in that sentence is an English word that I recognize but I still don't have the vaguest Idea what you're talking about. What text is in the summary bar, in what fashion are you trying to "get the date into it", and what is the result that caused you to think that in order to do it properly you needed to use a calculation field with a text result?


Besides... Even if you wish the subsummary part to have a text-field label, you should be able to sort by date (or, for that matter, by a new field defined as Month (YourDateField) with result type "number", not "text") because the field or fields that you display in the subsummary part do not need to be the same fields that you actually sort by.

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Your third paragraph is most helpful, thank you. Based on that, I can rephrase my question much more clearly.


I wish to do exactly as you suggest, sorting the records by month, and then by product name, with a summary field for monthly totals and a summary field for each individual product name. For each monthly summary field, I want to insert text denoting the month name.


As I say, it has been a long time since I used FM so I appreciate you sticking with me.

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