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Hi everybody, please I need tips to solve this problem :(


in the table you can see the partial result of search operation operated on "serial" field.


I need to have partial count in the field "tipo" for each "E", "R" "N" type, how many they are?


I tried relation, i tried to count partial, but i not solve it out.


please can anybody suggest me out to fix?




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There are a few ways to do it. But I suppose my first approach would be to run the records and add them to a variable. Or use a summary field, and then just sort on that tipo field.


For the variable approach, if the record is and "E" record, $Evariable + 1, else if "R", $Rvariable + 1, Else If "N", $Nvariable + 1.


There are some advanced ways to auto-generate the variables on the fly, but this idea should get you rolling.

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