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Dear FM Pros,


I have the following issue running a script in

B]FM 13 Pro Adv.[/b] Would appreciate some tips

to run the script faster, which takes me 5 hrs

or more to complete a calculation:


OS: This is Win 7 Pro. with 16 GB RAM (i5 Processor.)


I have Field "A" which is a 7 digit code

number FIELD, which most often are repeating

numbers, from 200 different types. (And I have

up to 80 million records, in this field.)

Code examples in this field are: 1234567, 2345678, 2456789...


Fields "B" to "Y" (are global

Fields) provides reference numbers for

each type of the 7 digit codes from

Field "A". For example, reference for

the code 1234567, as above, the reference

is, eg. HH/2015/Jul/132, HH/2015/Aug/344, ...etc

Field "C" list the reference numbers

from Field "B" in the order of the

records from Field "A"


I use the following scripts in Field "C"

If [Field A=1234567]

Perform Script [Replace Field Contents Field C;Field B]

Else If [Field A=2345678]

Perform Script [Replace Field Contents Field C:Field B]


Else If (...until 200 lines of the references from Field B)


End If


The script runs well. However, it takes more than 5 hrs

to complete the entire 80 million records.)


Would appreciate your suggestion to speed run the scripts.


Many thanks in advance.



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That sure sounds like a lot of process duplication. And a red flag for a flawed structure.


Could you explain using real world terms what each field is? And also the logic you use in your head if you had to decide what value to place in Field C ( or the actual field name )?


What do you mean by having "80 million records in this field"? Do you have a list of values ( in this field )? Or 80 million records with one value in the field in each record?

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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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