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FMGo Save a Copy As compacted includes container data


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Using FMPA 13 and FMGo 13 on iPad running iOS 8.4 ...


I have a script to save compacted copy of the current database. The database includes records with a container field with pictures taken with the iPad in FMGo. The compacted copy is large and includes all pictures!


Intended behavior?

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The compacted copy doesn't save field indexes, as far as I know. And according to FMI:


When you save a compacted copy of a file, FileMaker Pro re-creates the entire database, fitting as much data into each block as possible. This copies the logical structure, or arrangement, into the new file and reclaims unused space. [/Quote]
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I thought it would exclude container data because the help page for FMP13 states the following about self-contained copies:

For files used in FileMaker Go, choose self-contained copy(single file). Container objects will be embedded in the copy.

To me that implies that self-contained embeds container data, and compacted excludes container data. Just an assumption on my part I suppose...


Any suggestions on going about this anyway? Maybe store the pictures in a related local database? Thanks.

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I almost always store photos/etc in a separate file or at least a separate table.


What version of FM are you using? What is the connection to FM Go? ( since that is the forum you posted in )


Have you looked at Remote Containers ( if you are using FM 13 or 14 )?

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I think external container storage will solve the problem, thanks Josh. Not sure why I didn't think of that easy solution!


My goal is to be able to email a compact version of the database from an iPad. Having many records with a container field of photos taken on the iPad prohibits emailing a copy due to the file size.


I'll test soon. Thanks.

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Storing externally in the sense you are talking about is the same as Remote Containers.


As for the debate about including RC data or not...the best way to explain it is to direct you to this thread. It has a full discussion on it. Pay particular attention to Wim's comments. https://community.filemaker.com/thread/85886?start=0&tstart=0


What I referred to with the separate table or database, was storing the images in a separate file. And having a 1-to-1 relationship with the record you want to so the image on.

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