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Please be gentle, I'm a rookie. I need to export many many container fields from a single record. I don't need to loop through multiple records, I just need to grab 90 images and have them all dump into a folder on the desktop. It works for a single field, so i assumed I could simply copy/paste that language 90 times, changing the target fields each time.


However, when I did this, it will still only export the first one, and it doesn't get to the rest. Here is what I did and I'm hoping someone can steer me int he right direction. Thanks!




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I need to export many many container fields from a single record.


If you have “many many container fields in a single record”, then your data model is flawed; you should probably store these containers (well, their contents) in records in a related table.


This is generally true when you find yourself having fields like S1AOPIC, S1BPIC …, S2APIC, S2BPIC, … etc. Using a related table is the vastly better, more flexible approach; your former field names now become data in a new field.


Then all you'd need to do is to use


# [ establish found set in Container table, e.g. via a Find, or Go to Related Record [ matching only ] from parent table ]

Go to Record/Request [ first ]


Set Variable [ $path ; using data from the parent record and data from the current record itself ]

Export Field Contents [ $path ]

Go to Record/Request [ next ; exit after last ]

End Loop

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The basic flaw in your export script is step 6 - This is taking you to the next record each time.

If you truly have 90 container fields in one record then your logic progression would be to goto next field not next record.

The goto next field script step is reliant on the field being on your layout and is part of the tab order.


You would need a layout with all the container fields on it and in tab order


The script logic might be:


1 goto field SA1pic (ie where this is tab order #1)

2 loop

3 set variable $path ( as per your script)

4 export (as per your script)

5 goto next field

6 exit loop if get (fieldname) = "SA1pic" (ie. covers return to first field)

7 end loop


Actual wording would need to be refined.

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Hello All,


I am a complete FileMaker Pro novice so please forgive me. I have a similar question to what is posted in this thread and was hoping someone could help. I currently have a CoralDisease table which houses most of my information. I needed a way to store multiple photos per record so I created a portal to do so. I now have a CoralPicture table related back to my CoralDisease table. I am collecting my photos and data via an iPad and FileMakerGo.


My first question is how do I export these photos via the mobile device? Second, I would also like to be able to manually name the photos being exported. We currently have a set nomenclature for our photos and I would like to duplicate it. For example, photos should be labeled as..... yearmonth_site_transectnumber_diseasenumber. Each of these are fields within the CoralDisease table that the user will enter while collecting data.


Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks! Caitlin

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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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