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I have a solution that has the toolbar hidden. I have navigation buttons for first, previous, next, and last records. What I'd like to simulate is the book slider but I realize it's not possible. My alternative would be to be able to hold down the previous or next buttons and have it scroll through the records until the button is released. Right now you have to click, click, click through the records.


Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks.

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Someone else can help better with what you're asking, but a few alternative ideas:


• Use control-up arrow / control-down arrow to scroll through the records

• Use list view; then you've got a scroll bar

• Do you need to see all the records? A Find could narrow down the selection, or accessing certain ones via a relationship

• One more that I tend to do: Use list view with a one-line overview of the record in the body, then the "full view" in the footer (or header)

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Thanks for the link. It comes close to what I'm looking for. One thing about the slider, though. It doesn't actually slide through the records. You drag the slider to a point and release. It then goes to the record. I'd like it if you could actually see the record number; this way is hit or miss.

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That functionality is somewhat complicated. You might be better off just showing the toolbar and using a custom menu to disable or hijack the native behavior of the other buttons.

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