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Converting from repeating fields

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I'm converting an old fp5 database in fp9. I realize I need to change the repeating fields into separate records in a different table accessed through a portal. But I can't figure out how to export the repeating fields. The help screen says to make a clone and then import into that, selecting split records in the import options. But I don't find that option.

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When you import from a FileMaker Pro database file INTO a FileMaker Pro database file, after you align the fields and OK the import order an additional dialog box should pop up, titled "Import Options", which gives you the option of splitting source file's repeating fields into separate records.



Note that it will not build an architecture for you. If you currently have repeaters in Table X, and you wish to split repeating values off as child records housed in new Table Y, you will need at least two fields in Table Y (the unique identifier field from Table X — primary key, serial number, etc; plus the field that replaces the repeating field), and you will probably want to name the field that will contain the unique identifiers so that you know it is a foreign-key field (using whatever naming convention you tend to use for such things). And you do your import twice, once importing all the fields EXCEPT for the repeating field, importing into Table X and then switching layouts to a Table Y layout you import into Table Y importying only the unique identifier and the repeating field and this time opting to split repeating fields into separate records.




On your relationship graph you want to link the primary key in Table X to the new foreign-key field in new Table Y, and probably enable record creation via this relationship on the Table Y side so that you can simply type into the bottom (always empty) portal row to add data, much as you used to click in the bottom empty repetition and just start typing.

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