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I have an Appointment database and on its main layout I have a field named "Month Calendar", which as you might guess, displays a calendar for a given month.


I have two pop-ups one for the months of the year with a static Jan-Dec, which, of course never needs to change. My other pop-up has years repetitions for the years 2013-2017 also as a static list. I would like to have a calculation so that next year and so on,I won't have to manually enter in the appropriate years for the value list.


To try to be more clear, it presently has the 5 year repetition 2013-2017. The calculation for next year would give the years 2014-2018 and the next 2015-2019 and so on.


I know that I can get the current year using:


Year (Get ( CurrentDate )) --> 2015


But what about 2014, for instance:


something like Year (Get ( CurrentDate ))-1 ?


I would follow each year with a ¶ character, I guess too


I created a show custom dialog script step for this which will bring up what appears to be what I want, but the big problem is that I can't figure out where to place it so that it will show those values in my year pop-up. Can anyone help me with this ?

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You could


• create a utility table with (exactly) one record


• create a text field, say, yearList


• add these steps to your startup script:


Go to Layout [ UtilityTable ( UtilityTable ) ]

Set Field [ UtilityTable::yearList ; Let ( i = Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) ) ; List ( i - 2 ; i - 1 ; i ; i + 1 ; i + 2 ) ) // no need to use something recursive for a mere 5 entries … ]


Define your value list to use values from that field.


In case you're wondering: you cannot use


• a global field because it needs to be indexable


• a stored calculation because Get ( CurrentDate ) wouldn't update

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Thanks eos, I had to go through a little trial and error, but that ended up working out perfectly !

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