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Hello everyone,


I have faced with a weird problem and I hope someone will can give me at least direction where to start my search for a solution.


I'm using FMP8 Advanced, and currently working on a pretty complex accounting system, which means lots of relations between tables.


Recently I have updated the database to a new version and needed to import old table data from previous version. And here arose the problem.


I deleted all records from table I was going to import into. Then I imported records from old table. After import, I got blank "phantom" records in addition to real records. These records don't have any information at all, and they disappear from lists if I use "Show all records" command, but they reappear in list for example if I perform search by duplicate IDs. And there doesn't seem to be a way to remove them from table (Delete all records, find only these phantom records and delete found records - nothing helps).


I tried to delete all records, then find records with duplicate IDs, and the output I received was all my phantom records, with FileMaker's status area saying: "Found: 60 records, Total: 0 records".


I spent several hours trying to identify a source of the problem and find a solution, but honestly, I'm not even sure where to start.

Is there some rule about order in which I should import tables? For example first import child, then parent tables?


Any help will be much appreciated.

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Sounds like a corrupted index.


Try this: change the indexing (storage tab of field options) on the ID field that you're doing your search on to "None", then OK your way out of Manage Database, then go back in and switch it back to "All". See if that fixes the problem.


Also worth trying: While file is unhosted... File menu ——> Save As ——> Save a Compressed Copy. then open the compressed copy and see if the problem has been removed in that copy of the db.

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