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Insert file does not work with IWP, what does?

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I need to allow a user to upload a file using IWP .. any thoughts? plugins? techniques to allow this?



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a) Use a button that prompts an FTP session, connecting to an FTP enabled resource. In your database, instead of container fields, use a web viewer aimed at a calculated value that corresponds to the uploaded file's http URL (or, if not natively displayable in a web browser, a calculation field result type "text" that resolves the URL as text and, when clicked, OPENS (downloads) that URL.


Upside: same look and feel, or close to it, that you'd get with native FmPro users and a container field

Downside: some folks don't have any app designated as their FTP handler of choice or, if they do, don't know how to use it


b) Button creates an email, body of which announces that the email contains the file to be uploaded as well as the path at which it will subsequently be found. Users attaches the file and sends it to you. You use a scripted routine plus a plugin such as Mail-IT or POP 3 It Pro and fetch the inbound email, parse it, snag the file attachment, and move file attachment to an appropriate folder, said folder being web-published; and, as with solution a above, you use a web viewer not a container field to display it at the designated URL


Upside: more folks know how to use an email program

Downside: lots of folks only use web email and hence do not HAVE an email program nor a browser plugin that intercepts mailto URLS

Downside: you end up depending on them to attach the file attachment and then click "Send" so more steps in which things might misfire



c) Same as b except no http URL, your email-fetching script goes on to insert the resulting file attachment into the database's container field and in this case you do use container fields.


Upside: whatever advantages conferred by having file in a container field

Downside: Somewhat more convoluted scripting, but not horribly so



d) You enable custom web publishing as well as IWP and you write just enough php front end to accommodate upload, sending enough parameters to the php-powered web page from the IWP environment to inform it what to do with the file being uploaded, and presumably it gets inserted into a container field


Upside: more like what users are accustomed to as web browser users

Downside: writing the freaking php code necessary to upload a file into a container field; but there are examples available here and there



I'm not aware of any plugins that extend what a web browser aimed at an IWP web published database can do.

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