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Dear All,

I have a drop down menu it takes only "Yes and No" values. I want to write a script if I chose Yes I should get two in-boxes like create date and expire date. If I choose No I should not get any in-box.


I will appreciate if anyone can tell me is it possible to do it in filemaker pro 9?

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In FileMaker Pro 9 I would....



a) Create a calculation field result type number defined as Case (YourDropDownField = "Yes"; YourPrimaryKeyField)


Let's call that new field PrimaryIfYes.


b) Make a new relationship of your table to itself based on PrimaryIfYes = YourPrimaryKeyField. This will prompt the generation of a new table occurrence of your table, let's call that TO "YesOptions".


c) Create a single-row portal to YesOptions on your layout to the right of your dropdown field, and, in it, put the fields YesOptions::Create Date and YesOptions::Expire Date.



The Create Date and Expire date fields will only be visible when your dropdown field's value is "Yes".


Although technically the fields are "related fields", this selfjoin relationship is a selfjoin not only of this table to itself but this record to itself so those fields are in this record.

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