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Consultancy needed: Should we build FM solution from scratch or migrate Access to FM

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we have Access database that does most of stuff we need. That is: contacts,orders,deliveries, products, production stuff... But we have overgrown it. We will have new one built in Filemaker.

As I am totally uneducated buyer I need some help. Is generally waste of time migrating Access database to Filemaker then adapt and improve it?


Is somebody willing to consult? Go through Access application and give an opinion?


PM me for more details if interested in taking the job of advising how to go on from here.






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It's really hard to make a generalization. So much depends on the specifics of your situation. You should be aware first off that there's no direct "migration" (in the sense of conversion) possible; what you can do (but don't have to do) is retain the table structure used by Access and then mimic the screens and the workflow and so on; and if you do that, you can (therefore) retain all your legacy data from the old system. But you'd still be building all those screens and scripts from scratch in FileMaker.


(or your hired developer would be doing so)


The question, therefore, is whether it makes sense to repicate your Access data structure and create similar screens and so on, or to start entirely from scratch and rethink your entire workflow and how to handle your contacts, deliveries, etc, in a database as if you'd never had one before.


And that's the part that's hard to generalize about without knowing more. Do you LIKE the one that's in Access, or do you folks generally despise it? Is it well-thought-out or klunky and full of massively irrelevant things you folks don't use? Do you have ideas of how you'd like a database to "behave" that would be a major improvement over the one you've got, or just a vague hypothetical notion that a different one might be possible that would be better, without a vision of what that "better" would look like? Was the Access database written specifically for your company or is it a boilerplate-standard system for any old company to manage contacts orders, deliveries, products, etc, and y'all just took it off the shelf and started using it as best you could?

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