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Create trigger to automatically add new rows in related table

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I am hoping to get help creating a script or button that will trigger the creation of several rows in a related table.


I have 3 tables, a participant table, a studies table, and a join table between the two so I can have a many-to-many relationship between participant and studies (many participants can be in one study and one participant can be in many studies). When I add a new participants, I want to be able to click a button that automatically creates all the join table rows for every study listed in the studies table.


What is the best way to accomplish this? I am not sure where to even begin!


Thanks for your help!



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The usual method is to read in the ID of the new participant, then capture a list of all studies and use a looping script to create the join table records.


From FM12 onwards, ExecuteSQL() is a handy method to capture that list, but seeing that you have FM9, you can do the same thing at the expense of an additional table occurrence.


Create a new table occurrence of Studies, and relate it to Participants using the x (aka Cartesian) operator; this means you have access to all Studies records from every Participant record, and you'll use this with the List() function.


Then on creation of a new participant, use a script like the following:


Set Variable [ $participantID ; Participants::primaryKey ) ]
Set Variable [ $allStudies ; List ( Studies_cartesian::primaryKey ) ]
Set Variable [ $alreadyAssigned ; List ( JoinTable::study_foreignKey ) ]
If [ ValueCount ( FilterValues ( $allStudies ; $alreadyAssigned ) ) = ValueCount ( $allStudies ) ]
 Exit Script
End If
Go to Layout [ JoinTable ( JoinTable ) ]
 Exit Loop If [ Let ( $i = $i + 1 ; $i > ValueCount ( $allStudies ) ) ]
 Set Variable [ $curStudyID ; GetValue ( $allStudies ; $i ) ]
 If [ IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( $curStudyID ; $alreadyAssigned ) ) ]
   New Record/Request
   Set Field [ JoinTable::participant_foreignKey ; $participantID ]
   Set Field [ JoinTable::study_foreignKey ; $curStudyID ]
 End If
End Loop
Go to Layout [ original layout ]


Note that this includes code to check if a ) all studies already have been assigned to this participant (and exiting the script if this is found to be the case), and b ) check on the individual IDs, and only creating a new record if that study is not yet assigned to this participant.


There are other ways to do this, e.g. using another loop before leaving the layout by filtering $allStudies one by one through $existing and building a new list – so we wouldn't need the If[] check later, because this new list only has unassigned IDs.


And on a final note: this entire scheme assumes that you are using unique primary keys in your tables.

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Wow! This worked like a charm. Just one more question for clarification. If I add studies to my table will I have to duplicate the studies table again in my relationship view or will it automatically update it?


Thanks again for your quick response!

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