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fmp 5


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i am running fmp on my iMac DV. recently i have noticed that the mouse pointer is blinking very rapidly. when this happens, my filemaker file run like molasses. i am clueless as to what is causing this. today i noticed some 'finder preferences damaged' error, after which this blinking started and now of course fmp is useless. last time i reinstalled my system, however, i would like to solve this problem. any thoughts?








system: MAC OS 9.1

ram: 310


i can't think of any oddball apps on my system.

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Are you running off a server?


If So check to see if FMP Server is the front window.


If not and since you already re-installed system 9.1 it sounds like your machine is fairly new. Do you still have warrentee. Call Mac support they make be able to walk you through.


Also think very hard, Did you or someone in systems make any recent changes?

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this is running on my home computer, not on a server (fms 5). however, now that you mention it, i do have file sharing on because i have a cross over cable to connect my iBook to my iMac. i have only done this set up recently, so i will look to see if this is the problem.





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