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Access privelege to a single field to be edited once

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Hello there! First post and already asking for help...


Just started learning FM and so far I am liking the whole system a lot, I have a eletronic store and repair shop and I am thinkering on bulding a system where my clients (other stores) can access the db of the eletronics they have with us to be repaired, and aprove (or not) the repair.


I built up the whole DB and I am testing the program to learn it, but I got stuck at it. I am trying to make an account that have very limited access, it can read most of the fields, use specific layouts and it must be able to edit ONE field only. I have many fields with the Service Order, Costumer Name, Date, Serial of the gadget etc, all those should be read only by the costumer, the one I want to be edited by him is:


Status (with a dropdown) = waiting approval | approved | not approved


What I need is to the costumer to log in, access the db, search for that service order, then he can select to approve, but only once, so when it gets approved he can not undo it.


Maybe the best option would be add a button with "approve it?" and submit? Or is it possible to make a dropdown, to select the right option and then submit?


All help and suggestions appreciated, thank you very much!

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1) Give the limited users data entry privileges ONLY in Upper Menu ---> "File" ---> "Manage" ---> "Security"


2) In the Database Dictionary "Edit Layout" ---> "Manage" ---> "Database" create a calculated copy of each field on your FORM except the ONE FIELD you want the USER to modify/choose a value.



-LastName [text field]

-cLastName [calculated field; value = Table::LastName]



3) Then DUPLICATE the form layout. Name it something you can easily remember since this will be the FORM the USER goes to to change the one field. On this form change each field that you don't want the user to be able to change from the original TEXT FIELD to the CALCUATED version of this field. Remember that calculated fields CANNOT be changed.


4) You might be tempted to uncheck the box "Enter Field in Browse Mode" in Inspector. Even if you do this it is possible to be able for a user to enter these fields (unintentionally). This happens if a script innocently is run that uses the "Go to Field [FieldName]" or "Go to Next Field" steps that weren't intended for the user to use. In the calculated fields a user can enter the field but changes cannot be made. In cases like this (using a calc field to prevent changes) I usually also prevent the user from entering the field.


EDIT: After the user selects the option in the STATUS field, he/she will be unable to make any changes since their security level will NOT allow them to make any changes to the value.

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Thank you! Will work on it tonight!

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