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Hello Guys,

i’m a novice in the filemaker world and as every new challenge, i don’t miss to get stuck in some problem, called “script”.


Let me explain:


I have got 5 tables called :


1. Table “Company”

2. Table “Customers”

3. Table “Terapy”

4. Table “Trap”

5. Table “Report”


They are related as follow:


1. Table “Company”:: Id company…… X ….. “Table “Customers”:: id customer


2. Table “Customers”:: Id customers…… = ….. “Table “Terapy”:: id customer

Table “Terapy”:: Id terapy………….… =. ….. “Table “Terapy”:: id terapy


3. Table “Terapy”:: Id trap…… = ….. “Table “trap”:: id trap


4. Table “Terapy”:: Id report…… = ….. “Table “Report”:: id raport



I have developed already the Desktop interface, with tabs, buttons and checkbox, and everything seams to going good, i can add data into the table “customers” and i am adding data in the related tables using Portals, so like this the database is populating and working in the desktop side.


I did the same with the preparation of the “IPAD” interface, i ve developed one main layout called "“Customer | ipad ”, where i can add customer data (as name-surname etc..)and add two buttons, which links to the “report layout | ipad ” and “trap layout | ipad”


……… The troubles start here when i pushed these buttons……


What i would like to do when i push the buttons is:


1. Check if any record exist already in the “report” or “trap” table a record, if is not then i would like to create it, relating the Customer id, trap id and terapy id.


2. When i am in the ipad layout “trap layout | ipad” and ”report layout | ipad” , with the help of a button called “add new record ” , add a new record relating the Customer name and surname or customer id.


Actually the script to go from the “Customer layout | ipad” to the “Trap layout | ipad” look like this:


Script name : “go to trap | ipad”


Set Variable [$$ Current_customer; Value: Customers::idcustomers]

Set Field [Trap:: Data;””]

Go to related Record [show only related records; from table: “Trap”; using layout “trap layout | ipad”(Trap)]


Sort Records [Restore;No dialog]

Halt Script

End If

Show Custom Dialog [“No Trap’s records, add new?”]


Halt Script

End if

Go to layout [“trap layout | Ipad”(Trap)]

New Record/Request




Script to add a new record in the ”trap layout | ipad” using filemaker go:


Script name: "Trap new record | ipad"

Go to Related Record [From table: “trap”; Using layout: “trap layout | ipad” (Trap)]

Go to Field [Terapy::id terapy]

New Record/Request

Insert Current Data [select; Trap::data]


What do you think can you please help me in solve my lack of knowledge? I really appreciate any thoughts

Thank you guys

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