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FMPS13.02 Admin Console

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I'm cross posting this in the "Bugs" category, because it certainly is. I'm disappointed that FMI let this release ooze out, and if it is not corrected very soon, will be forced to shut down our services and roll back to Server version 12.


I patched my production 13 Filemaker server last night with the patch file FMI provided yesterday (5/6/14 Updater 295). This is a Windows Server 2008 R2 installation, and it rendered the Admin console unusable. FMI Tech support is instructing me to uninstall the full FMPS13, and start over with the full fmps13.2 installation vs patching. Unfortunately this is production, and the machine is heavily used, it will be days until I can do that.


Message here is to tread carefully



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