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JDBC access to FileMaker v5

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I am the process of needing to access a File Maker 5.0v3 file (Contacts.fm5) via JDBC.


Currently, I am using DbVisualizer to try to connect. Thus far, I have attempted to use the following configurations:

Method #1:

- Driver File: sljc.jar

- Database URL: jdbc:sequelink://localhost:2399


Method #2:

- fmjdbc.jar

- Database URL: jdbc:filemaker://localhost:2399/Contacts


In either case, my database utility tool tries to connect but never succeeds. An error message is never thrown as the connection tries for an indefinite amount of time. For what it's worth, if I attempt to add in a non-valid port (i.e. 2400), I do see an error that no process is listening at that port. Therefore, I am fairly sure that FileMaker is at least partially configured to listen to my request @ port 2399.


Is there something specific I need to do within File Maker to allow it to accept JDBC connections? I have already gone into File -> Sharing and clicked both the Local & Remote Data Access Companion check boxes for my Contacts.fp5 file.


Any assistance that you can offer would be much appreciated!




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Whoa boy.


FileMaker Pro shares data via ODBC with the Data Access

Companions. The companions respond to SQL queries sent from

other ODBC-compliant applications and interface between the

FileMaker Pro ODBC driver and your FileMaker Pro database. Use

the Local Data Access Companion to receive queries from an

ODBC-compliant application on the same computer. The Remote

Data Access Companion can receive requests from ODBCcompliant

applications over a TCP/IP network.


Remote Data Companion.jpg


Notice the lack of any mention of JDBC. There is probably no JDBC support in FmPro 5' date=' AFAIK; I think that came later. FileMaker 6 appears to have had it: there's a folder called "FileMaker JDBC Driver" within the "FileMaker Inc" subfolder of "Developer Extras" on the FmPro 6 installation CD. I could be wrong about 5, I don't have that installer handy at the moment. If it had it, the driver is probably in a similar place.


Anyway, that much just makes it possible for the FileMaker 5 database to be set up as a DSN (data source name) for other non-FileMaker sources to access; it doesn't set up the source itself.


Here, from an article specific to a product called "HanDBase" but containing a lot of pretty generic information about setting up a DSN to a FileMaker data source:


You will then need to set up an ODBC Data Source, DSN, for Filemaker.

Note: Filemaker Pro is different than most applications when it comes to doing this in that you are basically setting up a Generic Filemaker data source that gives you access to all Open Filemaker databases through it.

To add the ODBC Data Source you will need to access the following, appropriate, control in the Windows Control Panel.

Windows NT, 2000, XP

Data Sources (ODBC) (probably listed under Administrative Tools)

Windows 95, 98, ME

ODBC Data Sources


When that window opens click the Add button

Note: HanDBase Sync Exchange will work with either a User DSN or a System DSN.

When the next prompt comes up select the Filemaker Pro ODBC Driver listed and click OK or Finish.

In this next dialog you will need to enter a Data Source Name and a Description.

Note: As mentioned previously this is a Generic Data Source so you will not be selecting a specific Filemaker Database file.

You will currently need to enable Remote Data Access for this Data Source even if the file is on your local machine. This is due to some incompatibility between the HanDBase Sync Exchange and the Filemaker ODBC Driver. We are looking into this. To enable this check the Use Remote Connection box. Then enter a Server Address if the files you will be syncing with are on your Local machine. If you are Syncing with a remote machine, such as a Macintosh computer where the file resides then enter the IP address of that remote computer, for example

When finished editing these options click the Apply button and then click the Ok button.

You are now finished setting up the ability for the HanDBase Sync Exchange to connect to Filemaker to access your databases. There will be additional steps below for enabling access to a specific database though.


To set up FileMaker as a data source on your operating system for use by other applications, as described above, I think you also still need a driver. As with the JDBC FileMaker 6 driver, any ODBC driver may be tucked away somewhere on the installation disk. (?)

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