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Speaking of time..

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I have a "Volunteer Hours Log" that, among other things, logs my volunteer hours. I'm having a little problem trying to calculate subtracting "End Time" from "Start Time". I'm using the 24hr format so when, for instance, the individual starts at 0800 and ends at 1300 my result is 500. I'm sure the solution is simple but for some reason tonight I can't see the forrest for the trees... Any help would be kindly appreciated.



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s_hr = Left(Start Time; 2);

s_min = Right(Start Time; 2);

e_hr = Left(End Time; 2);

e_min = Right(End Time; 2)];

If( not IsEmpty(e_hr);

(Time(e_hr; e_min; 0) - Time(s_hr; s_min; 0))/3600 ; ""




This will give you decimal hours. If you ever start volunteering on one day and finish the next, this will not work. You will have to do a similar calculation with Timestamp instead of Time.

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