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Filemaker Serve 8 Issue


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Having issues with Filemaker Server 8.


I am having issues where Server would not locate local host and I am not able stop filemaker server, "Stop Filemaker Server" is greyed out on menu pull down and will not allow me to shut it down. Everything I have read online points to reinstalling the software but I need to stop all processes in order to reinstall it.


I have also tried shutting all fms process down via the Activity Monitor and this too has not worked.


Any ideas welcomed.





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By "would not locate local host" do you mean the Admin Console will not connect (or will not see the existence of) FileMaker Server running on the local machine?


But you can open the hosted databases as a guest from other machines, so you know FmServer is, in fact, running?



a) do you have backups? is FmServer configured to make regular backups (hourly, daily, whatever)?



b) open up a Terminal window. Navigate to the FmServer folder:



type this:


cd /Library/FileMaker\ Server/


hit enter




hit enter again


it should display this if it worked so far:


/Library/FileMaker Server



now type this:



fmsadmin stop



an account and password will be demanded of you at the command line. These are the same that you'd use to log in to the Server Admin console.




Now uninstall and reinstall FmServer.

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I tried the Terminal Window options you gave and that does not work.


We do have a daily backup we run & we can not access FMS or open databases from a guest computer either.


When I open the FMS console, the local host ip does not show available to connect.

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Just an update. When I access the Terminal in use fmsadmin stop I get this back IP Address is invalid or Inaccessible.

Error: 10502


My ip address is and is active on the network with no issues so I am not sure that this error message means.

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