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Skype and FM Pro 12

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I am new on this forum and have an immediate question :

I am looking for integrating Skype calls into a Filemaker Pro application, and also into a Ipad and Iphone solution.

The program i developed is working on Mac, Ipad and iPhone.

I am using Mountain Lion, Ios6 and the latest versions of Skype on the different devices.

The script i wrote, using call to start-up Skype but is not dialing the number.

Is there somebody who can help?

Many thanks.


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does this help?

Haven't tested it.


It won't work. Only those of us who have stubbornly clung to old versios of Skype can use "callto://" URLs the way we used to; they deprecated them for some stupid reason. Web browsers can still execute them, apparently, but the OS is no longer registering how to handle callto URLs properly so FileMaker can't do it nor can links in email or shortcuts on the Desktop, etc.


You can make new versions of Skype make a phone call by opening a web URL in a web viewer, though:


EDIT: this isn't quite working EITHER dammit [/EDIT]


put a web viewer on your layout and name it as an object; then


Set Web Viewer ["Name of Your Web Viewer";


Let (qmk = "\"";





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